She Is A Brave Woman

You will see it in her eyes

Only a woman who has seen her pain

Can be as full of courage as she is

She has seen suffering

She has seen loss

She has felt grief and terror

All in different forms


She is a Brave Woman


You will see it in her stance

She stands upright now

She will face up to you if you do wrong

Not with anger – she doesn’t need to

Only with what is right and just

She will make you see the way


She is a Brave Woman


You will see it in her heart

It beats in time with the earth

Solid, sequential ever-moving forward

She does not look back

She dances her own dance

She sings her own song

She will light up the world


She is a Brave Woman


You will see it in her hands

Never stopping to do her best

They cosset, cuddle and comfort

They make do, they help out

They find what is needed and craft a solution

She will feed the world hope and sustenance


She is a Brave Woman


You will see it in her body

Scars born with pride

Skin taught where the wounds inflicted

Wrinkled with the stories of the ancients

Beautiful in its history of kindness and compassion

Swaying in its capacity of love

She moves accepting her limitations and then exceeding them


She is a Brave Woman


You can hear it in her voice

She is eloquent

She holds the attention of all who hear her

Alluring, sensual, compelling

She has no fear to speak her truth

As she does so with the simple rules

Of kindness and compassion

Leading those who need to heed her

To a better way


She is a Brave Woman


You can listen to the stories

It is written in the sand

It is written in the stars

For it is time to come together

The world it is awaiting

The women gather gently

To turn the world around


-<3 -


Our greatest enemy is Fear.

See it as such.

We are exposed to fear in our everyday lives

More so now than ever before

And yet, it is a primal emotion that is purely there for our protection.

We must learn to fight it in a new way, with compassion, with a love so powerful that the fear is wrapped up and allowed to be seen for what it is.

To enable us to survive.

To enable us to take heed.

To enable us to act.

To enable us to lead with love.

If you learn to love fear for its true purpose and listen to it, acknowledge it and trust it, you will be able to use it - for fuel, to share your gifts and thrive.

Be a warrior - with fear as your shield and a whole world of Infinite Possibilities will open up before you.